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Why Dinosaurs Became Extinct

By Barbara Semeniuk

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The Barbasouras reared her huge head and looked at the clip-board with the inspection report she was writing on. She wanted to ensure that the swamp met the safety standards for workers rex a type of dinosaur that performed the grunt work of the swamp.

Looking at her checklist she checked the condition of the swamp: Any mammal holes that dinosaurs could step into and hurt themselves? Check…filled in and covered up…those mammals were small but pesky.

Lumbering over to the scaffold where workers rex were working at heights erecting a sign…Barbosaurous checked to make sure that fall protection was used and in place.

All of a sudden a small ferret- like creature scuttled out: took an eyeglass and stared up at Barbasauras…” Psst, it yelled” “Why are you using pen and paper to inspect the worksite why not use a pocket’s easier and quicker!”

“I’ve always done it this way!” Barbasaurous roared. “ And how would I work it if I needed a ladder and in the daylight…ugh can’t see the screen” “Plus you need hands to operate it”

“ You are a real dinosaur” the ferret like creature said scuttling to a stump that emerged phoenix-like from the primordial ooze….

“Try point of origin data…with the proper software you can do tremendous things like analyze the incident rate, perform compliance audits and inspections and gather data that can be used to calculate trends” the creature waggled its stubby tail. pleased with itself.

“I like my pen and paper…and I love writing out the information!” Barbasouras growled.

“Growling comes thousands of years in the future the ferret said its beady little eyes enlarged by the site glass as it stared at Barbasouras. “Think about what happens to the inspection form after it is completed. It is reviewed by several people like the Health and Safety Committee members and management…it may be transcribed into electronic form by the Cleripods and filed away for Due Diligence purposes never to be seen again…nevermore!” “Pocket PC’s can improve what your doing…you’ll evolve!”

“I do not want to evolve….I am happy with the status quo…it never changes and I like it that way” Barbosarous boomed.

“The Pocket PC is smaller than a laptop; .it can fit into your pocket and it allows you to conduct inspections, incident investigations and generate compliance reports complete with photographs as many PC’s have built in cameras…it simplifies things! The ferret like creature scampered onto a log and continued,” You can analyze your data and it should be more accurate because you entered it and it reflects what is going on at the grassroots level. You can define your key performance indicators…what you wish to measure that give you your greatest measure of success. What proactive things are you doing that work to reduce accidents/incidents…you can input these and measure them…they can be hazard assessments, inspections, near miss investigations, training or they can be reactive…have you reduced the actual injuries that are occurring?

You can document the measurements and create reports that can be utilized as tools to measure the activities that are occurring and determine if they are resulting in improved Health and Safety performance…you can track which supervisor or manager is meeting targets why and why not!

Then you can analyze the measurements and this is much easier if it occurs electronically, Many software programs exist that can increase compliance through improved data accuracy, corrective action management and real-time reporting. Used together with software: incident reporting and tracking, and data analysis and management can occur very readily for example”.

“Not interested…cannot use them under daylight conditions and if I want to climb a ladder then what?”

“Many pocket PC’s come with brighter screens and resolution so you can use them under sunny conditions and if you want to climb a ladder…put the pocket PC where it belongs…in your pocket! Use three point contact and climb the ladder!”

Barbosauras got a clump of mud and dropped it on the pesky creature who shrieked and clambered into a mammal hole….Barbosauras covered it up and roared,

”Evolution is for fishes….and so is technology….best to stick to the old ways…what could possibly go wrong?” she lit up a cigarette and puffed…slowly exhaling under the bright Jurassic sun.

About the Author: Barbara Semeniuk specializes in industrial and high-tech safety and loss management: she delivers workshops and writes articles about how to improve the safety policies and routines in your company. To receive details on how well your company passes audits and safety inspections, contact Barbara at (phone) or visit her at

Barb Semeniuk
Author, Speaker, Industry Safety Guru

780-431-1284 Cell: 780-951-0867

© 2007 Barbara Semeniuk Used with permission

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