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How to avoid the three most common mistakes made by 'inexperienced' meeting planners. Even as an experienced planner, you might be making at least one of them now!

One of them, might be not considering checking out one of our joint-promotional speakers for your next event.

My primary focus in creating this special resource site is to offer creative, practical, easily-used ideas that work and meeting planning success techniques that will help you and your team succeed.

Bob 'Idea Man' Hooey,
Creative Lead

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A personal note: "I've had the privilege of being an active partner (motivational keynote and general session speaker, concurrent or breakout sessions, workshop leader, MC and host, meeting planner, meeting coach and consultant, program chair, educational chair, conference team member, speaking coach, staging and crew supervision and delegate) in a variety of different kinds of meetings across North America, Australia and Europe over the past decade. Each has had its unique flavor and experience. In every case I have walked away, having learned something I can apply personally or professionally.

"I've been involved in diverse meeting formats: working at and attending large international conventions, professional retreats and seminars, monthly association meetings, Annual General Meetings, leadership retreats, Lunch ‘n Learns, web-casts and video conferences, leadership breakfast briefings, and smaller in-house training sessions (300 plus so far in nine countries in the last 5 - 6 years alone.) Whew! No wonder I'm tired!

"I've seen some that were well run and returned a good investment on the time and money invested in the meeting and in the people who attended the meeting. Unfortunately, I've also seen too many that were dismal failures; or at best a mediocre result and minimal return for all the well-meaning hard work of the meeting planner and their teams. Failures, that, with careful planning, could have been avoided.

"I frequently found myself in a coaching role for new meeting planners who called to book me as a keynote speaker or to lead a breakout session, seminar, or workshop. I found myself teaching the same tips and techniques as I sought to help them create a successful event and lead their respective teams. "Perhaps, if I created a process or resource that would help?"

"That question led to the creation of this meetings resource website and several support publications including, "Hosting a Successful Meeting, Training Session or Conference".

"I've compared notes with my counterparts in the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers and the National Speakers Association. I compiled and developed a few ideas that have helped our clients ensure their time and investment was well spent. I share them freely with you for your use in making your next event more successful.

"Wishing you every success in 2017 in creating and delivering amazing, successful meetings".

Bob 'Idea Man' Hooey

Bookmark this page:We will add to this section from time to time, as we continue learning from successful meeting planners and fellow speakers alike. Perhaps, you have overcome a challenge or have a success secret to share with your meeting fellow planners? We'd be happy to include it here, and give you credit of course. Drop us a note at: info@Meetings

On behalf of our participating speakers in these joint promotional websites, we wish you the best in all your efforts to train, inform, inspire and assist those in your care, to be more productive and fulfilled on and off the job as a result of your efforts. We recognize the great amount of work necessary to put together a successful meeting, training session or conference, regardless of the size and scope.

Our heartfelt thanks to the many professional speakers and meeting planners who've shared ideas, challenges, successes and suggestions with us over the years.

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  • A personal note... (RTF Format)
  • Meetings, boy do we have meetings - useless meetings (RTF Format)
    • Good reasons for meetings
    • Keeping meetings effective
    • At the call of the chair...
    • When and where to meet...
  • How much is your time worth? (RTF Format)
  • Accountability - key to effective meetings (RTF Format)
  • A creativity break for your team (RTF Format)
  • How to avoid training mistakes (RTF Format)
  • Finding time for training (RTF Format)
  • 10 tips for finding the right speaker (RTF Format)
  • Seven reasons to hire professional speakers (RTF Format)

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    • AV and staging requirements
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  • Budget Planning Guide (RTF format only)
  • Convention Packet (RTF format only)
  • Event Staff Checklist (RTF format only)
  • Job Descriptions (RTF format only)
  • Pre-Program Questionnaire (RTF format only)
  • Programs & Themes (RTF format only)
  • Promoting your meeting (RTF format only)
  • Registration Team (RTF format only)
  • Session Host Checklist (RTF format only)

Additional resources are added regularly, so check back!

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